How to Place an Order

To Place an order
Fax your order to 714-827-7767
Mail your order to:
LM Natural Stone Products, Inc.
8160 Electric Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680

The Following information will be needed to process your order.

  • Purchase Order & Purchase Order Number
  • Quantity in linear or square footage depending on the product you are ordering
  • Part Number and any special dimensions or notes if applicable
  • Stone Color
  • Stone Finish Honed, Tumbled, Polished or Chiseled
  • Resale Number if in California
  • Bill to Address
  • Ship to Address (all orders are FOB Stanton, CA 90680)

Order Confirmations
All purchase orders will receive faxed confirmations verifying the receipt of the order and lead time. If a confirmation for your order is not received with in 48 hours please call to verify that your order was received.

Terms & Conditions

Condition of Purchase
All products are made to order. There are no cancellations or returns. Please feel free to call for samples before placing the order. See “Showroom Samples”.

Please educate your customer with the following information. Variation exists always! Variation is the best feature of natural stone. Color, veining, fissures, shading, size etcetera are all variations of what you will see in natural stone. Variation occurs from tile to tile, slab to slab and quarry to quarry. Being educated in the variation of stone before you purchase and or sell products will make your purchasing/selling experience much more pleasurable.

Marble, travertine, and limestone are products of nature and no two pieces are exactly the same. Carving and shaping of stone brings out the natural voids, fissures and veins. We strongly recommend you, your customer and the installer inspect the material prior to installation and prepare any blending required to meet the owner/buyer approval before installation. We also recommend the installer to fill the voids and fissures with grout.

Force Majeure
LM Natural Stone Products, Inc., is not liable in any delay of delivery, suspension or cancellation of performance or other failure of performance hereunder due to any causes beyond its control, including to but not limited to natural disasters, government labor disputes or inability to secure materials, labor or transportation. In the events of any of these situations, LM Natural Stone Products, Inc.’s time for delivery or other performance shall be extended for a period equal to the duration of the delay.

Sales are made on terms, conditions and warranties contained herein. These terms and conditions take precedence over any on buyer’s order form. No altered conditions or terms will be valid unless in writing and signed by both parties.

Changing Your Personal Information

Please contact us when your information changes. Changes in addresses, phone numbers and ownership should be forwarded to:

LM Natural Stone Products, Inc.
8160 Electric Avenue
Stanton, CA 90680

You may also send your request to cancel future information being sent to you.

Minimum Order
Our minimum order for processing is $50.00. When your order does not total $50.00 you will be invoiced $50.00 for your order. The minimum order charge includes new orders and add-ons to original orders. Make sure your customer is aware of the minimum order charge when placing your order. The cost of additional pieces at the time of the original order is far less costly for you and your client. When you have to order additional pieces to complete the installation you will hold up the installation and time is money.

Caring properly for your stone is crucial to the longevity of your installation. Stone requires different maintenance then ceramic. Never clean your stone with cleansers that contain acid or bleach. We recommend that you use a mild cleanser that is non acidic and non abrasive. Vacuum or dust mop the stone to remove abrasive materials to prevent damage. When heavy duty cleaning is necessary an alkaline based cleaner can be used. Damping the stone prior to applying cleanser will keep the cleaning solution on the surface of the stone.

Lead Time
Lead times are generally three to four weeks. However they do fluctuate throughout the year. Please call for current lead times before placing an order.

Payment Options

  1. C.O.D
  2. Prepayment
  3. Visa, or Master Card (all credit card information is shredded for security purposes.)
  4. Terms of due on receipt or net 15 are offered to showrooms O.A.C. that purchase $10,000.00 or more a year and have been a customer for more than one year. Please fill out the credit application and fax or mail to LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. Terms will be forfeited if any payments are made late.

Returned Checks
All returned checks will be subject to any bank fees. Any future orders will have to be paid with a money order or cashiers check prior to the order shipping.

A deposit of 50% is due on all field tile orders. The deposit is required at the time the order is placed.

Shipping Charges

All products is F.O.B. Stanton, CA 90680
We double box all our products to arrive via UPS or Fed Ex to their destination in great shape. We also ship larger heavier orders on palettes via Conway, Service by Air or your preferred carrier.
We will be happy to give you an estimated shipping quote for your order before it ships. However, all shipping quotes are estimated and approximate. We will do our best to get as close as possible to the exact amount to be owed. The actual shipping charges will be determined upon shipping your order. Therefore additional money may be owed if the shipping charges are higher than the original estimated quote.
We will drop ship any orders directly to your clients upon your request.
If you prefer to have orders shipped on your account we can set that up. Please remember when shipping on your account, you are responsible for making any claims for any damaged shipments.

Box Charge
We do charge for packaging your shipment.

palette Charge
We do charge for paletteizing your order.

Showroom Installations

A 15% discount will be given on all products purchased for a showroom installation. A clear usable digital picture of the finished installation is required before the discount will be given.

Note: A purchase order is required for all sample requests. Prices shown do not include shipping cost.

C.D.’s containing product information and pricing are available to our showrooms. Each showroom will be given one c.d. for additional c.d.’s there will be a charge of $5.00. To order a c.d. please fax your order to 714-827-7767
Subject to Change

Information on this website is subject to change without notice. We make every effort possible to ensure the accuracy of this website and prevent errors however, LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. does not warrant the accuracy of information on this site.

Privacy Policy

This website is designed to provide our consumers with information about our company and products. Links may be used to contact our sales staff directly from this site. Filling out any forms provided on this site is completely voluntary.

We reserve the right to automatically collect IP addresses from your individual computer and store these addresses.

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