Established in 1992, LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. creates a wide variety of limestone, marble and travertine moldings.  Our design portfolio includes over 200 design profiles, 30 colors and 4 finishes, equating to over 24,000 diverse options. Our extensive portfolio makes us the largest comprehensive molding company worldwide. Leading the stone world in innovative ideas creates limitless design possibilities.

Whether you’re trimming off a countertop, surrounding a fireplace or creating a decorative frame our moldings will turn your installation into an extraordinary masterpiece. Add drama, dimension and texture to your design with natural moldings.

Designing and shaping stone moldings is not merely a job at LM Natural Stone Products Inc., it’s our passion.  We use the finest limestone, marble and travertine found worldwide to create chair rails, v-caps, stair treads, pool coping, wall caps and more for residential and commercial interior and exteriors.  Our in house designers study the subtle nuances of each stone and create designs that enhance their unique make-up.  Our artists take great care in shaping every piece of stone into beautiful custom moldings. Each handcrafted molding reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship which is the very foundation of LM Natural Stone Products, Inc.

All of our moldings are proudly produced here in the United States.

We invite you to enter our exciting world of stone moldings and let your imagination run wild.

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