Almost 20 years ago our passion for creating unique and creative stone moldings began in Jeff and Lori Snyder’s backyard.

Jeff Snyder began his career in 1983 as a licensed California tile contractor in Orange County. His artistic tile setting abilities led him down the path to installing custom ceramic tile and stone in up scale homes in Newport Beach, surrounding areas of Southern California and out of state.

Jeff began manufacturing stone moldings to add a special touch to his tile and stone installations. Unique bull nosing, quarter rounds and bar liners became his “signature” in custom homes. Local showrooms soon saw pictures of Jeff’s molding installations and were impressed. They asked Jeff if he had any other designs or samples that they could see, Jeff replied with his usual positive attitude “yes, I do.”

Excited, Jeff left the showroom and called Lori right away about the possible business opportunity. That night over dinner Jeff and Lori discussed the potential of the stone molding business for hours and decided to go into business together. That same night they came up with the company name, LM Natural Stone Products (L for limestone and M for marble), designed the first ten profiles and chose the first four stone colors that they would offer.

The next day Lori was ready to go. She had sales literature, pricing and a list of showrooms to call. Lori’s sales and marketing background in the computer industry made it easy to identify and contact the top showrooms across the nation within days (at the time she owned a computer hardware sales company). The “best of the best showrooms knew about LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. and they started purchasing products on a regular basis.

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Today the same passion and commitment continues in our 10,000 square foot factory located in Stanton, California. With over 200 moldings, 30 colors, 4 finishes with custom colors and finishes available, we have come a long way from the backyard. We are proud to say that LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. is the world’s leader and largest stone moldings manufacturer in the world.

LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. manufactures beautiful limestone and marble moldings for interior or exterior applications. We manufacture our products in the United States out of stones found around the world. LM Natural Stone Products, Inc. has more than 200 design profiles and a variety of finishes including honed, tumbled, polished and chiseled. We have the greatest selection of stone and the finest workmanship available in the industry. We are what any retailer would expect from the largest stone moldings manufacture in the world.

LM Natural Stone Products, Inc., is looking for the “best of the best” stone retailers to represent our products. We sell our products to retailers and distributors. Designing and shaping stone moldings is not just a job at LM Natural Stone Products, Inc., it’s our passion. We use the finest limestone and marble found worldwide to create chair rails, liners, v-caps, pool coping, stair treads and more for residential and commercial, interiors and exteriors. Our in house designers study the subtle nuances of the stones and create designs that enhance the unique make-up of each. Our artists take great care in shaping every piece of stone into finished moldings that reflect the commitment to quality and craftsmanship which is the foundation of everything we do at LM Natural Stone Product, Inc.

Natural stone moldings open up unlimited design possibilities for interior and exterior spaces. They add drama, shape and texture to a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Counter Edges
  • Floor Bases
  • Mirror Surrounds
  • Pool & Spa Coping
  • Wall Caps
  • Wainscot
  • Crown Molding
  • Ledges
  • Window Casing
  • Door Casing

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Our desire is to continue to inspire designers, architects and homeowners to go beyond the usual bar liner and chair rail design. Our passion for excellence is fueled by your passion to design without limits.
Our vision for the future is to incorporate more color, infused with art, to engage your senses for an all-encompassing design. We strive to incorporate new designs and colors to our design portfolio year after year.

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